At the risk of spreading racism, we’re coming down on the side of math.

Before we delve into the numbers, it’s safe to assume most people did not know math is racist. Not that anyone should be surprised of course, since everything of late IS racist.

But if you didn’t know about the evils of mathematics, don’t fret. It’s a fairly recent thing. Like so much from the racism-is-everywhere crowd, the logic can be a bit fuzzy. But – and you may have guessed this already – it has something to do with Bad White Guys.

Deborah Ball is a professor at the University of Michigan. That means she makes she makes way more money than most people and she will retire much younger than you will.

But it also tells us the football coach who can’t beat Ohio State is not the only person the University of Michigan needs to fire.

Sadly, Professor Ball is not in danger of losing her job. Being stupid is not considered cause for firing professors.

Last month Professor Ball made news when she proclaimed that math is racist. She said that mathematics is “dominated by whiteness and racism.” How exactly, is not clear, but she went on to say that “it’s difficult to figure out how to surface and unpack the ways that mathematics, for example, is a harbor for whiteness.”

Difficult? It’s impossible to “unpack the ways” since she is spouting gibberish. But gibberish is what she’s good at, and she was just getting warmed up.

She goes on to tell us that the entire curriculum is bad because, “It has detached students of color, LGBTQIA+ students and multilingual children as they learn that they are not ‘normal.’”

To recap, Professor Ball packed the words “whiteness,” “racism,” “student of color,” and “LGBTQIA+” into just a couple sentences. That level of talent puts her on track for tenure at most universities today.

But the point here isn’t to debate racism in math. Ignorance wafts from the keyboard simply typing that sentence.

The point here is to say the math is clear: It makes sense to get the China virus vaccine.

And yes, we’re aware of all the reasons people do not want the vaccine. And yes, we agree that people who have had Covid, don’t need the vaccine and should not be forced to get it. The same is true for people with other health issues or some religious beliefs.

In fact, despite what Joe Biden said, we don’t think anybody should be forced to get the vaccine.

But there is no question that getting the vaccine makes sense.

You’ve read a lot of news about the surge in local Covid cases. It’s real. Intensive care units are full. When an ICU bed does become available, most likely it is because the person who was in that bed – died.

The St. Maries Hospital has treated several patients, including at least one patient who – if times were normal – would have been transferred to a larger hospital. But times aren’t normal. No bed was available.

There are indications the surge is waning, but the situation right now is serious.

Benewah Community Hospital is seriously short of staff. There are no qualified people available to hire. That means the people doing the work – are doing a lot more of it.

The nurses and staff at our hospital deserve kudos for all they’ve done over the last 18 months. But they can’t keep this pace forever. The best way to ensure you won’t be a Covid patient in our hospital is to get vaccinated.

And yes, we’ve also read about the ‘breakthrough cases’ of Covid. That is, people who were vaccinated but still got sick. And yes, it happens.

But the vast majority of patients in the hospital today – including here in St. Maries – were not vaccinated. In northern Idaho, about 3 percent of the people in the hospital with Covid had been vaccinated.

At the risk of being a racist, even we can do that math: That means 97 percent were not vaccinated. That’s not smart. The vaccine is free. Compare that cost to a massive hospital bill AND missing a weeks of work.

We get it why so many people are skeptical. The government has botched this completely.

• Anthony Fauci lied, and continues to lie.

• Joe Biden and Kamala Harris both ridiculed the vaccines.

• Some governors continue to issue dictatorial orders that make no sense.

• Other governors have killed people with their stupid mandates.

• Millions of businesses were destroyed, and lives ruined, for no reason.

• And last week, Joe Biden doubles down on stupid. Working Americans must get the vaccine, but illegal immigrants do not?

So yes, we get why you don’t trust the government.

So trust the math instead.

DAN HAMMES is the former publisher of the Gazette Record.

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And readers are to believe what you say? Your misinformation should be considered a part of FB, Instagram and FOX. The Gazette Record should be making an effort to live up to their responsibilities, as gatekeepers of what information can be shared with its subscribers.


These ramblings should, at the very least, be marked very clearly as opinion/editorial. That is just basic journalism. Regardless of political affiliation, this is a messy article.

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