Mayor Bill Weems, Fire Commissioner Tim Bonnell-Hall and other area incumbents retained their seats during the Nov. 5 election.

Benewah and Kootenai Counties have released their unofficial election night tally for votes in their jurisdictions. The night saw most incumbents retaining their seats against challengers.

The average turnout for Benewah County was 24 percent, with 505 total voters heading to the polls. The highest voter turnout was in Plummer, with 243 of the area’s 863 registered voters heading to the polls. The lowest turnout was in the St. Maries precinct, with 47 of 256 registered voters turning out.

Incumbents on the St. Maries City Council retained their seats in the November 5 election. Laci Hanson, Randall Saunders and Edward Spooner each maintained their seats with 177 votes, 154 votes and 178 votes, respectively. Challenger Laci L. St. John received 139 votes. In total, 648 people voted in St. Maries.

In Plummer, incumbent mayor Bill Weems narrowly defeated a challenge from former city council member Tim Clark, receiving 78 votes to Clark’s 72.

“I would like to thank all of you who voted for me!” Mayor Weems said on Facebook. “Thank you for allowing me to continue in the work to make Plummer just a little bit better.”

Julie Miller and Leticia Kenner both won their seats on the Plummer City Council after running unopposed. 243 Plummer residents voted in the election.

Residents in the Plummer-Gateway Fire District voted to re-elect incumbent Tim Bonnell-Hall as their District 1 commissioner. He received 145 votes of the total 231, with challenger Kevin Koropatnicki receiving 86.

In Worley, Mayor Charlene Waddell was re-elected to her position with 12 votes after running unopposed. City Council members Karen Babbitt and Robert Wienclaw were also confirmed to their positions without opposition, receiving 12 and 15 votes respectively.

Tensed confirmed Richard W. Keaveny to the position of mayor with 15 votes. Mr. Keaveny ran unopposed for the position. Vern Fritsche and Ben Koester also ran unopposed for two seats on the Tensed city council, receiving 17 votes each. One seat on the council remains empty, however, as no candidates filed to run for the position.

Finally, in the race for Harrison City Council, a five-way contest for three city council seats sawValerie Harris, Jordan hall and Nick John taking their seats with 46, 44 and 41 votes, respectively. Joe Cornell received 27 votes, and Linda Lacitinola received 21.

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