A tip from the community led to the arrest of two Plummer residents allegedly selling heroin.

Coeur d’Alene Tribal Police received an anonymous tip that two individuals were selling heroin out of a house near a basketball court in Plummer, June 8.

A tribe detective and the Coeur d’Alene Tribal Housing Authority then conducted an emergency home inspection, felony probation visit and a welfare check on children being exposed to drug related activity, at the residence, June 10. Two tribal officers and an Idaho probation officer also responded.

According to the police report, an individual was seen fleeing the front bedroom of 1445 8th Street, through an open window. Officers could see paraphernalia in plain view through the open window.

Upon entering the residence, two juveniles were located. One of the juveniles said that Kaytlin Comack was in the residence but was unsure where she went.

The property owner, Gari LaSarte, arrived during the search. She told the authorities she had allowed Kaytlin Comack to stay with her at the property about a month prior. She said she had no knowledge of the drug use and did not enter the room where Ms. Comack and Ryan Gabourie were staying. Ms. LaSarte also said she wanted to evict Ms. Comack and Mr. Gabourie but they were never around when she was home.

Inside the room a deputy said they identified a large but unspecified amount of a brown substance they believed to be heroin, a digital scale and a large amount of cash in small denominations consistent with dealing.

Findings in the suspects’ bedroom led the deputy to search the attic.

“We continued searching and I located a shelf that was broken off the wall and pieces of insulation on top of clothing in LaSarte’s closet,” the deputy said. “I borrowed a ladder from housing and opened the attic.”

The deputy followed footsteps through the attic insulation until seeing an arm, at the end of the house, partially buried in insulation. At that point, Mr. Gabourie and Ms. Comack were located and escorted out of the attic according to the report.

Officers found approximately $1000 in $20 denominations on Mr. Gabourie’s person. Approximately $300 was found on Ms. Comack.

The brown substance believed to be heroin was sent to the Idaho State Lab for controlled substance testing.

Mr. Gabourie and Ms. Comack were sent to Benewah County Jail and charged for possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Ms. Comack July 6, 2020. Mr. Gabourie waived his preliminary hearing and is scheduled to be arraigned July 10, 2020.

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