What began as a bar fight ended with one man spending 40-days in the county jail.

Cody Adamson, 30, was arrested by the Benewah County Sheriff’s Office with help from the Coeur d’Alene Tribal Police, Dec. 24, at approximately 11 p.m. after reports of a fight at Bobbi’s bar.

Tribal Police had detained Adamson after a foot chase through buildings near the bar. According to a Tribal PD report, Adamson attempted to flee, hide and flee again.

“I heard a noise that resembled metal sheets falling coming from behind some metal sheds on Milwaukee Street. I cautiously walked towards the location where the noise was coming from with my service firearm drawn. As I ventured farther between the buildings I observed (Adamson) laying down on his back near a fence,” Tribal Chief of Police Trevor Abrahamson reported.

Confronted by Chief Abrahamson, Adamson then attempted to get away again by climbing over the fence only to be greeted by another tribal officer who wrestled him to the ground. According to the police report, Adamson proceeded to kick and fight against both officers after being detained.

Once transferred to Benewah County Sheriff’s Office Deputies, Adamson allegedly continued to resist and fight officers refusing to enter a deputy patrol vehicle despite being handcuffed. It took two deputies to place Adamson in the vehicle. The deputies reported that they were forced to bound Adamson’s legs and lay him face down in the back of the seat to prevent him from keeping the vehicle door open with his legs.

At the jail, Adamson allegedly continued to refuse cooperation with deputies, began breaking jail items, attempted to pull a deputy into a cell, and had to be placed in the max detention cell.

What led up to the fight was undetermined as Adamson was the only one arrested and was too intoxicated to recount events according to the deputy report.

Adamson was charged with two counts of battery that were dismissed by the prosecutor after he pleaded guilty to three counts of resisting and obstructing an officer. He was sentenced to 40-days incarceration and $315 in court fees and fines, Feb. 2.

Adamson previously avoided jail-time when he was arrested in 2010 for burglarizing the Eagle’s Lodge and Timber Country. He pleaded guilty and was ordered to participate in a therapeutic community rider program through the Idaho Department of Corrections in addition to financial restitution to the victims.

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