Emida apartment fire displaces five families

A fire at an apartment complex in Emida left five families displaced on Saturday June 6. The Emida, Fernwood, and St. Maries Fire Protection Districts were all dispatched to put out the fire. Emida Fire Chief Bill Swan said that the structure is now inhabitable.

Three area fire departments responded to an apartment fire outside of Emida Saturday night.

Emida Fire Protection District Chief Bill Swan said that at around 6:56 p.m. on June 6, fire crews responded to a fire at an apartment complex located on State 6 about a half mile north of Emida.

Chief Swan said that though they were able to save the lower floor of the apartment, the second and third floors sustained serious damage.

He said that the complex will no long be inhabitable.

“The bottom floor suffered mainly from water damage,” Chief Swan said. “A few units on the second floor were badly burned and suffered from smoke and water damage. The third floor of the complex is completely gone.”

“The structure is not livable any longer,” Chief Swan said.

Five families were displaced due to the fire according to a report from the Idaho State Fire Marshall’s Office(ISFMO.) The ISFMO determined that a cooking mishap was to blame for the fire.

The Fernwood and St. Maries Fire Protection Districts were both called to the scene for assistance. Chief Swan said that if it weren’t for the county back-up, the fire could have gotten out of control.

“We really appreciate the mutual aid between all the fire departments in the county,” Chief Swan said. “The fire was big enough that the building would have burned to the ground if it wasn’t for the mutual aid.”

“Everyone did a good job and the Fernwood and St. Maries Fire departments were a big help,” Chief Swan said. “We were able to hold the fire until help arrived.”

Chief Swan reported that there were no injuries as a result of the fire.

“All occupants of the complex got out safely, the only loss may have been a cat or dog that was in the building but it is hard to say,” Chief Swan said. “ All and all it’s a miracle that we saved the bottom floor.”

There are no known fundraising campaigns for the victims of the fire so far.

For more information contact the Emida Fire Protection District at 208-245-1900.

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