A man in St. Maries was arrested after allegedly beating his wife in view of their children.

If convicted, it will be the second time in one year that the suspect was charged with beating the woman.

According to police reports, Ryley Crile was booked into the Benewah County Jail after deputies responded to a domestic incident report at his residence in St. Maries. He is charged with domestic battery with traumatic injury, a felony offense. Crile was previously arrested and charged with the same crime in July 2018, but was convicted of a misdemeanor after a plea agreement.

Deputy Brandon Vannatter said he responded to Crile’s home after dispatch received a report of a domestic disturbance in the area. Upon arrival, he found a woman crying on the front steps, and Crile was not present.

The deputy noted that the victim had blood on her shirt and one wrist, as well as bruising on her shoulder.

The victim, whom Deputy Vannatter recognized as Crile’s girlfriend, said she and Crile had gotten into an argument while at home with their children. The fight escalated into a physical confrontation, in which the victim attempted to fight back.

“She stated her children were in the residence, and at one point Ryley held his two-year old son up as a shield when she tried to fight back,” the deputy recounted.

As the fight moved into the home’s bathroom Crile allegedly punched her in the head near her left ear – an attack which she said made it hard for her to hear the officer. Crile then slammed the victim down, causing her head to strike the edge of a bathtub. Deputy Vannatter checked the area on her head where she said she struck the tub and found a significant lump “slightly smaller than a golf ball.”

The deputy also spoke to a witness at the scene, who said she had been on the phone with the victim when the incident occurred. She said the victim had called her crying, then she heard her scream as the phone hit the floor. She said she drove immediately to the home, as she knew the victim and Crile were fighting, and saw Crile leaving the residence as the victim attempted to pull him back by the arm. Crile left the area.

Crile was not gone for long, however.

“While speaking to (the victim) and (the witness) in the apartment, a male known to me as Ryley walked into the apartment and immediately started yelling,” Deputy Vannatter’s report said. “I told Ryley to calm down and I would like to hear his side of the story. Ryley would not calm down and continued yelling.”

“Ryley then turned around and put his hands behind his back and told me to take him to jail,” the deputy said.

Deputy Vannatter arrested Crile, as he was becoming increasingly agitated. He continued to yell and not cooperate throughout his arrest up to the time he was booked into the Benewah County Jail. He was immediately placed into the jail’s maximum security cell. The victim was checked out by the St. Maries Ambulance but declined transport to the hospital, opting to instead transport herself in a personal vehicle.

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