SM students tackle project for VVC residents

The seventh grade ASB is collecting donations to go towards hiring a hair stylist for residents at Valley Vista. (Front Row Left to Right) Vice President Kody Tefft, and Treasurer Logan Darnold. (Back Row Left to Right) Seventh Grade ASB Organizer Jennifer Tefft, President Naomi Mueller and Secretary Addison Edwards.

A group of middle school children want to lend a helping hand to residents at Valley Vista Care.

The St. Maries Middle School seventh grade ASB students are raising money to hire a stylist to visit Valley Vista so that residents can get a chance to get a haircut or style.

The students said that they wanted to do this because Valley Vista residents don’t get many opportunities for the service.

“We would like to raise $500 or more for the residents at Valley Vista,” ASB secretary Addison Edwards said.

Addison made jars that people can donate their change into. Jars are set up in the middle school as well as the Grub Box.

They said that they would like to get more businesses involved.

“There is a jar at the Grub Box for donations if anyone in our community would like to donate,” ASB president Naomi Mueller said. “Helping others out is important and this is one way we can do that. The Valley Vista residents don’t have access to this sort of thing. They don’t really get to leave to go get a haircut.”

The ASB members have put fliers around the school as well as included the volunteer project in the school’s daily announcements to encourage students and faculty to donate. The students have also set up a friendly competition among first period classes to try and encourage more donations.

Both Naomi and ASB vice president Kody Tefft came up with the idea to set up jars in the main office with the names of each first period teacher. The class with the most money in the jar at the end of the month gets to have donuts.

There is also a jar for community members to come to the school and donate.

St. Maries Middle School Health Education instructor and seventh grade ASB organizer Jennifer Tefft said the idea came from an employee from Valley Vista Care who mentioned that residents needed assistance with hair care. She said that she is proud of her ASB students.

“These 7th grade ASB officers are learning the importance of helping others and giving back to their community,” Mrs. Tefft said. “They’re becoming role models to their peers and others.”

The students would like to do more in the future to help out the community, and they said that being involved makes them feel good.

“I just like helping out and being a part of something,” ASB treasurer Logan Darnold said. “Its fun to help others.”

Mrs. Tefft said the jars will be in the office and the Grub Box the entire month of October, and at the end of the month the ASB officers will deliver the money to Valley Vista Care Center.

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