The new principal at Heyburn Elementary says she’s proud to call the land of Lumberjack Pride her new home.

Bridgit Arkoosh recently accepted the principal position at Heyburn Elementary and is gearing up for another school year filled with fun and challenges.

Arkoosh is originally from Gooding and has held a variety of different teaching positions throughout her career. Her most recent position was serving as the principal at Holy Family Catholic School in Coeur d’Alene.

She said she is happy to have started her position in St. Maries as it reminds her of her hometown, but also Arkoosh was immediately impressed by the community’s love of its schools.

“The building really has charm and I love the lumberjack out front, it’s a hoot,” Arkoosh said. “What I think is cool about that is right when you drive into town, you see lumberjack pride right there. This town loves its schools and it’s awesome.”

Arkoosh said that the school will face some challenges in the new school year as along with herself, a lot of staff at the school is new.

“I’m very excited to have kids in the building and meet teachers. The building is starting to come alive as we get closer to the school year,” Arkoosh said. “There are a lot of new things coming into this year. I’m new, there are new teachers and support staff, but it’s an opportunity to build a great team.”

Arkoosh has spent many years teaching in school and learning in school herself. She said that schooling has been a passion of hers.

She originally majored in English and received her teaching degree, and then went on to get her masters in curricular instruction, has her principal certification and is enrolled in the University of Idaho Doctorate program.

“As a principal the biggest thing we need to do is provide a safe, secure place for kids to learn,” Arkoosh said. “My job is to provide an environment where students are safe, they are loved and they are learning. That could mean I’m working on the computer, talking on the phone, cleaning up vomit or even wiping down the bathroom, whatever it takes to provide those things to our students.”

Outside of her work, Arkoosh said that she is an avid reader and piano player. She said she also looks forward to exploring more of the St. Maries area.

“I always hear people talking about it, I hope to get out and do some exploring soon,” Arkoosh said.

For more information on the upcoming school year at Heyburn Elementary, call 208-245-2025.

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