County auto license office re-opens  –  with changes

Benewah County Assessor Donna Spier screens customers outside the auto licensing department. The department has set up a system to take care of as many customers as they can while following social distance guidelines.

The Benewah County auto licensing department reopened this week but with some limitations to operations, County Assessor Donna Spier said that the department will only serve residents of Benewah County until further notice. She said that the licensing department has a ways to go in order to catch up.

“We plan to just limit to Benewah County residents for the time being, unfortunately residents of Kootenai, Shoshone and Latah counties will have to wait or license in their county,” Ms. Spier said. “We are so back-logged that we have to focus on the people that have been waiting.”

Ms. Spier said that the licensing department will only have two windows open during business hours. One window will be for title work and the other will handle registrations.

The licensing office will only allow two people in the office at a time, though residents can still drop off items in a drop box.

Those who visit or have an appointment will have to first stop at a check-in table located outside of the licensing department. The check-in process will hopefully help move appointments along faster according to Ms. Spier.

“We will facilitate as much as we can so people can be helped quickly and so things can move smoothly,” Ms. Spier said. Things are a little different than people are used to. It’ll be a smooth flow in and out of the office.”

Ms. Spier said that the licensing department will be open from 9 to 1 p.m. daily and the extra down time in the afternoon will be used to process mail orders and backlogged paperwork.

Residents are asked to respect social distancing protocols while waiting to be helped.

For more information contact the Benewah County Assessors Office at 208-245-2821.

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