A long-time employee of the St. Maries School District is taking on a new role not too far away from her previous office.

Tanna Wicks was named as the new board clerk for the St. Maries School District. She was previously the office manager at the St. Maries High School for close to 10 years.

“She is going to be a great addition to our office staff as she has already been a great part of our high school staff for a while,” superintendent Alica Holthaus said.

Prior to when Wicks started at the school district in 2009 she had taken on other roles such as a stay at home mom and worked at various legal offices in St. Maries.

She said her new position as board clerk is almost like a culmination of some of those past experiences as she will take on learning more about legal work surrounding the district as well as still be supportive of students and staff.

Wicks said it was hard for her to leave the high school as the board clerk position had come up a few times prior to her finally applying for the job. She said this time was the right time to finally make the move.

“The first time it came around when Karen (Robinson) retired, I didn’t feel like I was capable for the job yet, I didn’t feel like it was right timing,” Wicks said. “When I had heard that Stacia (Dorman) was leaving I started talking with some co-workers and started thinking about it more.”

“I thought to myself that my kids are getting older so this is pretty good timing,” she added.

So far Wicks has been training in her new position with former board clerk Robinson who returned to take Wicks under her wing. Wicks said Robinson has been a great help.

“Karen has been my guardian angel,” Wicks said. “She has been great to work with.”

Wicks said one of the hardest parts about leaving the high school was the thought of being away from the students. She said she is grateful to still be in the same district and she will still be able to see the students from time to time.

“It hurt my heart leaving those kids. I will miss that tremendously,” Wicks said. “It’s hard to leave the kids because you have an influence in their life, but I don’t think you realize it until you leave.”

Wicks said despite the fact that she will miss seeing the high school students every day, she does look forward to growing her knowledge of the school district and being able to work with and grow relationships with new people in the district.

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