There was a massive turnout for the Paul Bunyan Junior Olympics with some 118 youngster competing in the five age groups. The Paul Bunyan Junior Olympians competed in three events.

The competitors who earned the most points for their age group claimed the title of grand champion.

Grand champions for their respective age groups were Josslyn Reeves, Grayden Harvey, Felly Spooner, Owen Chatigny and J.J. Yearout.

"We are so thankful to all the helpers and parents," Ginny Oakes, who has organized the event for many years, said. "We can always use more help so volunteers are always welcome."

Sponsors are the Paul Bunyan Committee and Premier Financial Services. For more information about helping call Mrs. Oakes at 208-245-5255 or Lynette Cox at 208-245-4419.

Four and younger

Dash: Josslyn Reeves, Madison Maskoskey, Kale Hansen.

Long Jump: Josslyn Reeves, Boone Eberlin, Madison Maskoskey.

Sack Race: Adison Maskoskey, Josslyn Reeves, William Finley.

Five and Six

Dash: Mack Renner, Grayden Harvey, Stella Gilligan.

Long Jump: Grayden Harvey, Chance Brown and James Cox (tie), Mack Renner. Sack Race: Chance Brown, Grayden Harvey, Ray Lieske.

Seven and Eight

Dash: Felly Spooner, Daimeyn Shanks, Peter Ratcliffe.

Long Jump: Felly Spooner, Easton Nicholson, Max Chase.

Sack Race: Felly Spooner, Mason Lingo, Maggie Chatigny.

Nine and 10

Dash: Raevyn Yearout, Dimercia Spooner, Owen Chatigny.

Long Jump: Carter Sexton, Raevyn Yearout, Owen Chatigny.

Sack Race: Owen Chatigny, Raevyn Yearout, Carter Sexton.

11 and 12

Dash: J.J. Yearout, Trace Chatigny, Jaemen Harold.

Long Jump: J.J. Yearout, Trace Chatigny, Carter Kinley.

Sack Race: J.J. Yearout, Payton Lingo, Brice Cuthbert.

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