Bronson Meadows Trail #155 is just as much about the journey as it is the destination.

Rockslides, steep cliffs and picturesque creek crossings make up the four and-a-half mile jaunt to Bronson Meadows.

The trail takes off from the dead-end at Big Creek Road, where #155 climbs steeply for roughly half a mile before leveling out high above Big Creek.

A mixture of jagged, open hillsides and dark timber lead toward the first creek crossing over the middle fork of Big Creek, a little more than a mile from the trailhead.

From the first creek crossing, Trail #155 stays fairly low in elevation and follows the water toward Bronson Meadows. As of June 22, Big Creek was running just over summer levels and creek crossings were moderate. Maximum water level among the three major crossings was approximately two feet, while most spots were much lower.

The few blow downs across Trail #155 were cut out by the USFS as of last weekend. The trail is well-suited for hikers and horseback riders. Motorcyclists should be aware of steep drop-offs along major sections, as well as good portions of overhanging brush just before reaching Bronson Meadows.

Once at the meadows, Trail #155 bumps up with Big Creek Trail #44, which continues north out of Bronson Meadows, and Ames Ridge Trail #570, which travels east and towers above Ames Creek to the south and Early Creek to the north.

The gate across Big Creek Road that sits roughly three miles from the Bronson Meadows trailhead is frequently closed. Those planning to hike the trail would benefit from a motorcycle or mountain bike to travel the main road before embarking on the near five-mile hike.

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