Pickup destroyed in vehicle fire Monday

A vehicle that broke down near the intersection of Tamarack Creek Road and Trinity Lane caught fire March 16. St. Maries Fire Department and the Benewah County Sheriff Department responded.

Black smoke billowed over Cherry Creek Road, March 16, when a vehicle caught fire at approximately 1:20 p.m.

St. Maries Fire dispatched multiple fire engines and the Benewah County Police department responded. Upon arrival the vehicle was engulfed in flames. No injuries were reported.

Owner Byron Henshaw, 42, said that he and friend James Cook were attempting to jump start the 2003 Sierra pickup after it broke down the day before.

“We hooked up the cables, turned the key and then it started smoking from the dashboard,” Mr. Henshaw,” said. “I tried to disconnect the battery, but by that time it was on fire.”

Despite efforts by St. Maries Fire, the vehicle was destroyed. The official cause of the fire is unknown.

Mr. Henshaw, moved to the somewhat remote Cherry Creek area approximately two years ago. He is now without a vehicle and is unsure how he will get around.

“It was my only vehicle. I just paid it off last month. And I dropped full coverage figuring I didn’t need it anymore. Now I’ve got no vehicle—that’s tough living up here,” Mr. Henshaw said.

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