Officials with Heyburn State Park have big plans for the Rocky Point Lodge and other areas of the park.

Park officials are working to secure $650,000 from the state of Idaho to make improvements and repair the Rocky Point Lodge.

Heyburn State Park manager, Ron Hise, said that the facility has sat dormant at Rocky Point since 2007. When it was last operational it was used as seasonal employee housing. Mr. Hise said that he and park officials want to use it for different purposes moving forward.

“It’s always been on my wish list and its too great of a building to leave empty. We want to get it back open for some kind of public use,” Mr. Hise said. “We’re looking at it being a group use facility right now where people can have family reunions or weddings. We’ve gotten lots of requests for that.”

Around $3 million was approved by the Idaho legislature for use on the state’s parks. Mr. Hise said that Heyburn officials should know if they will receive the allotted $650,000 this year. He said that first the funds need to be approved by the legislature.

Mr. Hise said that knowing how much they can potentially receive through the funds has allowed him and other park officials to start getting estimates from contractors on the work that needs done in the building.

He said that they want to make a lot of repairs but would also like to return the lodge to its original pre-1980s state.

“We had some discussion and a walk-through with some of our development team. We are having an electrician come out too. The plumbing and electricity at the facility also needs to be brought up to code,” Mr. Hise said. “The building had been modified in the 80s for some concessionary purposes and we would like to revert that back to the way it was before hand.”

“It’s pretty cool when you walk in there. It's like you are going back in time. I want to go back in and feel like I’m walking into the 1940s,” Mr. Hise said.

He said that there are some other issues to deal with as well including replacing the roof on the lodge and also handling a reported bat infestation.

Mr. Hise also reported that Heyburn State Park has received funds from the recreational vehicle grant to make improvements to campgrounds and other facilities at the park.

He said that contractors started improving the Chatcolet Campground in September and have had to pause work throughout the winter but they hope to finish the work before May.

Mr. Hise said that the campground is receiving a facelift which includes new pavement in the area and more level campgrounds.

Mr. Hise also said that the park will receive restroom facility upgrades at multiple locations in the park. Lastly, he said that the funds will go towards repairs on one of the rental lodges at Hauley’s Landing. The rental will receive repairs to its foundation and more.

“It’s nice that we are getting to fix stuff people can see getting done,” Mr. Hise said. “We usually spend money on water and sewer upgrades and that’s all stuff that is underground. It’s nice to make fixes made to things that people will actually get to touch and use.”

For more information on Heyburn State Park’s projects or funding call 208-686-1308.

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