St. Joe Lodge reopens - again

Larry (left) and Lynnel Wolfe will officially reopen the St. Joe Lodge on October 9. 

The St. Joe Lodge will be back in business.

Owners Lynnel Wolfe and Larry Wolfe plan on reopening the restaurant this October after a two year hiatus. The husband and wife team have spent the last few weeks preparing the lodge for a grand opening.

“There is so much history with the lodge,” Mrs. Wolfe said, “When we first bought the place we had so many people pull in and say you need to reopen the restaurant.”

The couple originally bought the lodge in 2011 and spent four years renovating the restaurant and living quarters. After officially opening in 2015 the two found success with the restaurant but after a few years in business, they had to close it down.

“My father-in-law who lived in Walla Walla, WA got sick and we were down there for two years until he passed,” Mrs. Wolfe said. “Life just happens, we’d like to accomplish getting the restaurant back open.”

The two decided to pick up where they left off with the restaurant and upon their return, Mrs. Wolfe said they were delighted to see how much the area had grown in the time they were gone.

“The river is so much busier now than when we first left the area, it has really become a hot-spot,” Mrs. Wolfe said. “There is a lot of foot traffic through here and we’ve seen a lot of tourists.”

She said that the community is a large part of why they decided to get the lodge ready to reopen.

“We’re always making progress, it’s the public that encourages us,” Mrs. Wolfe. “The people really pull through around here.”

The two have decided to try and stay open year round, and Mrs. Wolfe said that business at the lodge stays steady in the colder months. She said they see a lot of hunters and snowmobile riders traveling towards Avery during fall and winter.

“Avery has been doing good, there’s so much traffic going that way,” Mrs. Wolfe said. “The first winter we were open we did really good.”

The restaurant will feature a variety of food and beverages. Mrs. Wolfe said they will do different smoked meats which includes ribs, salmon and chicken.

“Larry makes some really good smoked ribs,” Mrs. Wolfe said.

They will also carry a variety of wines, beers and sodas.

Mrs. Wolfe said they plan on being open Wednesday through Sunday weekly.

Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays the lodge will be open 11 a.m to 7 p.m and on Fridays and Saturdays the lodge will be open 11 a.m to 9 p.m.

The St. Joe Lodge will officially reopen on Oct. 9. For more details call the lodge at 208-245-2284.

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