New ownership at SM pharmacy

Colt Darley and his wife, Sally, recently purchased Jack's Pharmacy from Chad and Lisa Brown.

A St. Maries staple will celebrate its fourth decade of business while ushering in new ownership.

Jack’s Pharmacy was recently purchased by Colt Darley and his wife, Sally. The couple and their four children moved to the area this summer from Evanston, Wyoming where Mr. Darley had worked as a pharmacist.

Mr. Darley has worked in the field for 12 years and graduated from Idaho State University in 2015 with his Doctorate of Pharmacy. He looks forward to being a part of the community.

“We lived in a small town in Wyoming and made a lot of friends,” Mr. Darley said. “We are looking forward to integrating ourselves into the community in St. Maries.”

Jack’s Pharmacy has always been a family-run business, dating back to when Jack and Lorna Botts opened the store almost exactly 40 years ago today, Nov. 23, 1979. Chad and Lisa Brown purchased the business from the St. Maries couple in October of 1998 and marked their own anniversary earlier this fall, celebrating 21 years of ownership.

“Jack and Lorna were just great to work with,” Mr. Brown said. “They certainly helped us get started, and we appreciate everything they did. We’ve been working with the Darleys since August; they are a great family who will do the best for our community.”

In fact, it was family that prompted Mr. Darley to become a pharmacist.

He said that one of his inspirations was his wife’s grandfather, who was a pharmacist and owned a pharmacy in California. He also credited his love of the sciences.

“I have a love of science and of people, there’s no better way to combine the two than being a pharmacist,” Mr. Darley said.

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