The St. Joe chapter of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation will host a fundraising event at the Elks Lodge.

RMEF promotes the preservation of elk habitats, other wildlife and hunting heritage in the St. Joe Valley.

“The money we make from the event stays in our area,” St. Joe Chapter Chairman Emily Masterson said. “It helps with projects in the St. Joe National Forest.”

Seating at the event will be limited, and promoters recommend getting tickets early. Ms. Masterson said that those who wish to attend the event must be a member of RMEF.

Memberships cost $35 and the meal will cost $25. Couples packages can be purchased for $85, which includes memberships and dinner tickets for two. The group plans to serve prime rib as the main coarse.

Ms. Masterson said to give her a call to learn more about other ticket options available for the event. “We have a lot more special offers available to those interested in joining RMEF,” Ms. Masterson said.

Those who attend can purchase tickets for a raffle. Ms. Masterson said that those who buy raffle tickets before the event can get $100 worth of raffle tickets for only $50. The price will go back to $100 when purchased on the day of the event.

The RMEF has more than 9,000 members throughout the 16 different chapters based in Idaho. RMEF has protected and enhanced over 7.4 million acres of wildlife habitat nationally.

The RMEF promotes the preservation and protection of elk habitats. They work to reestablish a healthy elk population while doing projects in various regions in order to enhance water sources, forage, cover and space components of wildlife habitats.

They also promote hunter education and stewardship.

“RMEF is definitely pro hunting,” Ms. Masterson said. “We do a lot of things here locally like working to feed elk herds during harsh winters. We work with Idaho Fish and Game on a lot of hunting and environmental issues too.”

The RMEF’s fundraising event will be on Saturday Nov. 9 at 5 p.m., with a live auction to start at 6 p.m. To get tickets call Emmy Masterson at 208-582-2214 or email

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