Plummer Days Grand Marshals

This year's Plummer Days grand marshals seen here at the Gateway Cafe are Joie Wienclaw and Marty and John Nielson. Plummer Days events begin 7:30 a.m. July 13.

Plummer Days is Saturday July 13 and the grand marshals of the parade hope you will join in the festivities.

The grand marshals this year are Joie Wienclaw, Marty Nielson and her son John Nielson.

“If everybody that John invited shows up it will be the biggest Plummer Days ever,” Ms. Nielson said.

According to Plummer Days Committee chair Christine Hodgson the grand marshals are chosen based on involvement in the community.

The Wienclaws and Nielsons certainly meet that criteria.

“We do anything in the community if anything is needed,” Ms. Nielson said.

Ms. Nielson has cooked meals for locals when they are sick and regularly crochets hats for those in need, sings in the Highway 95 choir and raises money to support Worley Community Church Vacation Bible School students.

She said that her son John is the real reason they are parade marshals.

“The reason we got to be in the parade is because John is so friendly and knows everybody. It’s really an honor,” Ms. Nielson said.

John, a 2011 Lakeside graduate, who suffers from developmental delays, is a big fan of local sports.

“We support all of the sports and try to attend all of the home games,” Ms. Nielson said. “We know a lot of the players and all of the coaches. Everyone knows me as John’s mom,” Ms. Nielson said.

According to Ms. Nielson, John can regularly be heard at the games chanting “Lakeside’s gonna win!”

The Nielson’s and Ms. Wienclaw have bonded through local sports.

“If she’s not there, John worries about her,” Ms. Nielson said.

Ms. Wienclaw works the gate for school sporting events.

Ms. Wienclaw, who moved to the area in 1954, has also served as a substitute teacher for Lakeside schools, been an active member of the American Legion Auxiliary since 1983, served as chair of the local Easter egg hunt for 20 years, participated in Girls State for 23 years and teaches religious education at the Catholic church.

She credits her stepfather former Tribal Chairman Joseph Garry and mother Leona Pineridge for instilling a desire to be involved with the community.

Her parents began one of the first area youth activities—an informal baseball league in which they would often make 100 sack lunches for participants according to Ms. Wienclaw.

She continues that tradition of supporting local sports in a modified way.

“I found that kids had money for snacks or dinner at away games but not both, so I started collecting donations for snack bags,” Ms. Wienclaw said.

“My mom, all my life, encouraged me to help out in the community,” she said.

Of the parade, Ms. Wienclaw said she is most looking forward to seeing familiar faces.

“I’m hoping my family will be here, and I get to see all the kids I worked with at school as grownups along the parade route, and I hope they are handing out candy,” she said.

Ms. Nielson said she is excited to share the day with John and see how many people show up.

“I just want to be there with John because he is so excited about it and seeing if half the people John has invited show up,” she said.

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