As much as $1,500 is up for grabs through the state for Idahoans returning to work.

Governor Brad Little announced earlier this month a plan to distribute cash to those who plan to return to work after being laid off from coronavirus caused shutdowns.

According to a press release, the purpose of the program is to help get employees back to work. It states that Idahoans are making more off of their unemployment benefits which may sway them from returning to work immediately.

The release states that those benefits are slated to expire by the end of the month, making it important to get residents back to work.

Those returning to work full time can qualify for the $1,500 payout, those working part time can receive up to $750.

The funds will be distributed on a first come first serve basis.

Alex Adams, the administrator of the division of financial management, said that the process to apply for the funds must be taken up by an individual’s employer.

He said that the employer would have to make a Taxpayer Access Point (TAP) account to apply for the funds. Mr. Adams said that employers can submit applications starting July 13 fr those who returned to work from May 1 to June 14.

A second wave of applications will hit July 20.

Mr. Adams said those who want to make sure to get some of the funds should start the application now.

“The TAP account can take some time to get setup, there is a couple day lag so they should do it now” Mr. Adams said.

Mr. Adams said that the incentives come from hearing that a large majority of businesses are having a hard time getting employees.

A second wave of applications will hit July 20.

“This program is structured as a recruitment bonus,” Mr. Adams said. “We’ve heard from so many businesses that they are having difficulty getting people to get back to work.”

“This program is designed to get the economy rebounded and going again,” Mr. Adams said.

Mr. Adams said that the state has set aside approximately $100 million to fund the program. He said that the state estimates to give cash bonuses to about 70,000 Idahoans.

Businesses that want to apply for the cash bonuses for their employees can visit

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