A Life Flight was grounded in the Tensed area for approximately 90 minutes.

The flight was returning to its home base when a cautionary light required the pilot to land in a field outside of Tensed, May 6.

According to Life Flight Regional Vice President Dominic Pomponio no patients were on board and the landing was precautionary.

“We were returning back to our Pullman, WA base,” Mr. Pomponio said. “It was not an emergency landing just a precautionary landing. So it was no big deal. I called the fire department just to clear the landing zone. The flight was on the ground for about an hour and a half,” he said.

The flight had to wait for clearance by a mechanic responding from Moscow.

According to Mr. Pompino such events are uncommon.

“No not fairly common. We do exercise out of an abundance of caution though,” Mr. Pompino said.

In the event a flight transporting a patient does have to land there are plans in place.

“We have all those redundancies built in if there is a patient on board,” Mr. Pomino said. “It is very, very rare, but we have backup flights and ground crews to respond.

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