Local students got new smiles thanks to Delta Dental.

Heyburn elementary first and second grade students were treated to free dental work provided by Delta Dental’s community outreach program, Grins on the Go.

Students who returned permission slips were given dental sealants and fluoride varnishes as an effort to reduce cavities.

Angela Powers, the community outreach program assistant for Delta Dental says that the organization picks schools that have fifty percent or more of the students on the free and reduced lunch program.

“We are trying to reach the kids that don’t have dental benefits,” Ms. Powers said. “Everything we do is one hundred percent free.”

She said that age group is due to address molar health.

“At the age first and second graders are, they have their six-year molars still,” Ms. Powers said. “It’s the perfect time to put a sealant and help prevent future cavities.”

Heyburn Elementary Principal, Tammi Masters, says that the dental procedures not only help out students, but also saves parents time and money.

“Since this is a preventative measure, I feel that it is an excellent opportunity to save our students and their parents the headache and cost of dental appointments to fix cavities,” Ms. Masters said.

Ms. Masters said that between first and second grade classes there are approximately 120 students, and she said that close to half of those students return the permission form.

She said that feedback from parents who have given their children permission to get the dental work done is neutral, and her only feedback has been the fact that parents continue to participate year after year.

“This is a free service which I highly encourage Heyburn parents to take advantage of,” Ms. Masters said.

Ms. Powers said that Delta Dental tries to revisit the schools they provide the dental service to every other year, depending on the need.

She said that the last time that the Grins on the Go team visited the Heyburn Elementary was in 2018, and again they saw about 52 of the first and second grade students turn in the permission forms.

This years dental procedures started on Dec 9 and appointments went through the 11th.

Delta Dental is a nationwide dental insurance agency, and since 2007 it has worked with more than 60 school districts throughout Idaho to conduct free dental clinics.

For more information on the dental work call the Heyburn Elementary at 208-245-2025 or call Delta Dental’s Community Outreach office at 1-866-894-3563.

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