Jared McGregor and his wife Elena, residents of San Diego, CA and both 2017 graduates of St. Maries High School, had planned to use most of their two-week vacation home to find Jared an elk.

But all they needed was one day.

And what’s more, they helped some family members last week on a spree of tagging three animals in three days.

The pair left their home in San Diego, where Jared is stationed as a machinist repairman in the Navy and Elena works in healthcare, around five in the evening Oct. 7.

After what Mrs. McGregor said was roughly 24 hours of driving, the pair arrived in St. Maries at around 5 p.m. the next day.

“We just kind of took turns driving,” she said in an interview earlier this week.

The couple went out the next day, Oct. 9, with Elena’s father, Heath Moore, and Jared’s grandfather Frank Michael, who had a moose tag in his pocket.

Together, with their hunting dog Lyla, the four made quick work of Mr. Michael’s moose, killing a bull with a 45-inch antler spread. Two days later the pair had tagged two elk, the first Jared’s opening day 5x6 bull and the second killed by Mr. Moore on Oct. 11, a spike.

“It was a wonderful experience,” Elena said. “That just doesn’t happen like that very often. I told Jared I’m his good luck charm. I’m not sure how he feels about that yet,” she joked.

Elena added that Jared’s bull was the biggest he has killed, and the couple plans to stay in St. Maries for about two weeks, with a lot more time to spend with family then they had anticipated.

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