You can check out more than just books at the St. Maries Library.

Story time returns Sept. 12 and activity organizer Claudia Lounsbury has some fun in store for kids who attend the event.

Mrs. Lounsbury’s first week of activities will be themed ‘library.’ She said she will read three to four children’s books that focus on the importance and purpose of the public library.

The group will also make book-marks and participate in educational exercises that focus on what can be found at their local library. She also will explain to kids ages five and older that they can register for their own library cards under their parents accounts.

“We wanted to make story time even more educational,” Mrs. Lounsbury said.

Mrs. Lounsbury said they will also introduce activities in other weeks that focus on numbers, letters, and different sounds.

She said the event is important for younger kids and helps them get introduced to the usefulness of the public library.

“It’s important to get the kids into the library early,” Mrs. Lounsbury said. “ we want to get them used to this setting and the importance of reading.”

Kids two and older are welcome to come to the event each week, she said that she sees home-schooled children come to the event as well and that it is a good way to socialize. Mrs. Lounsbury said that the common age range is two to six years old, but older children are welcome to come as long as they participate.

She said her role to lead the event was thrown in her lap, but she expressed that she enjoys working with the kids of the community.

“After I started doing it I loved it,” Mrs. Lounsbury said. “I like to see the different creativity in all the kids, I love that age group.”

Each week there will be a new theme, and Mrs. Lounsbury said some of the themes she looks forward to are the holiday activities she has planned. She said that they try to throw monthly parties that coordinated with that months holidays. The most recent parties she looks forward to are Halloween and Christmas.

Story time is every Thursday at noon at the St. Maries Public Library.

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