Robert Nichols, 50, of St. Maries, remains missing after he was last seen in Lewiston over two weeks ago.

The Lewiston Police department has searched for Mr. Nichols since his disappearance Sept. 25, 2020.

He is described as a thin, white male, with dark, greying hair and a full, trimmed beard. He was last seen driving a white, 1999, Chevrolet Suburban, license plate 6C52533.

“We’ve had a few tips of people who may or may have not seen the vehicle. But none have panned out,” Lewiston Detective Brian Erickson said.

The Lewiston police have also attempted to track Mr. Nichols’ cell phone, contacted family and associates and posted bulletins.

Mr. Nichols’ cell phone is believed to be inoperable as it was unable to be tracked according to Detective Erickson.

Police hope that the start of hunting season may help locate Mr. Nichol’s or his vehicle.

“We were hoping something would come in over the weekend with hunting season starting, but nothing so far,” Detective Erickson said.

The Lewiston Police are continuing their search.

“We are still following up on cell phone records and video surveillance from the businesses in the area to see if they generate any further leads,” Detective Erickson said.

Mr. Nichol’s last known activity was the use of a credit card to check out of a Lewiston hotel, Sept. 25. He was expected to arrive at a job site, Sept. 26, in Santa, ID, but never arrived.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Lewiston Police Department, 208-245-1189.

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