The BetterCARE Foundation has spent this last year revamping its program.

Though the group did not have its annual memorial walk this year, members have spent time creating ways the money generated by their fundraisers can go further for community members.

BetterCARE board member Carol Humphrey said they want to make sure 100 percent of the funds generated by the walk goes to the community.

“We re-adjusted the inner working of the program and how the funds generated are distributed,” said BetterCARE board member Carol Humphrey.

She said that BetterCARE will use money generated by the walk and other fundraisers to help patients and the hospital. Some of the money has gone towards equipment for the hospital. A good portion of the fund generated go towards helping with expenses a patient may face.

“A chemotherapy patient may lose their hair so they might want to buy a wig, but those are expensive,” Ms. Humphrey said. “Or they may have family staying with them at the hospital while they are in care and need support with food. We use the money that’s generated and donated to buy food cards.”

“Or sometimes a patient needs to drive out of town to see a specialist,” board member Ginny Oakes said. “We also provide gas cards for those needs.”

The group said that they do not use the money for medical bills, but other support they can give to the patient or family is what the fund is for.

Along with the memorial walk, the BetterCARE Foundation raises money at it’s annual gala which will be on Dec. 8 at the Nazarene Church.

Ms. Humphrey said that they also receive a great support from local organizations, and that PotlatchDeltic has been a huge contributor to BetterCARE’s success.

“Not only has PotlatchDeltic donated a lot of money, but also they’ve donated a lot of their time,” Ms. Humphrey said. “They helped with the organization and implementation of our programs like the memorial walk.”

Ms. Humphrey said that those who are patients at Benewah Community Hospital that would like assistance from BetterCARE should speak with their physician, and they will get the patient in contact with the group.

“We want to be able to help, that’s what it’s all about,” Ms. Oakes said.

The group said that the memorial walk will return this next summer. Community members who would like to donate can send their donations to BetterCARE Inc. P.O. Box 94.

The BetterCARE Foundation was formed in 1984 and was officially recognized as a non-profit 501 (c)(3) in 2009. The organization has raised over $400,000 since it’s inception.

For more information contact the Benewah Community Hospital at 208-245-2591.

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