Activities are underway as libraries around Idaho celebrate Family Reading Week.

The official theme for this year’s library events is “Believe and Achieve” and libraries started celebrating November 8 and some will continue until November 20.

The Plummer, St. Maries and Tri-Community Libraries have already celebrated with various events.

The Plummer library celebrated Monday night with a 3D printer demonstration and games. Director Paulina Freeburg said it’s good to see families come to the library to enjoy a night of fun.

“The goal is to instill the importance of families reading together,” Freeburg said.

Tuesday, November 16, the St. Maries Library hosted an outdoor camp-out with smores to celebrate the week. The library also had special guest Marge Gannon come read to those in attendance.

The Tri-Community library celebrated the Family Reading event by hosting activities Friday, November 12.

The library hosted a book walk, similar to a cake walk, and had story time as well as a lesson on plant decomposition. Director Teri Wood said it was nice to have a way to teach local children something new.

“We are doing a project on pumpkin decomposition and we are going to see who guesses right on the date when the pumpkin will be nothing but seeds,” Wood said. “It was an extra thing we decided to do and the kids were really excited about it.”

Wood said the week is an important time to get parents to realize how important reading can be to their children and that reading isn’t just for at the library or school.

“We hope that parents see how excited their children can get about books,” Wood said. “It’s important that parents read to their kids at home.”

“We also want kids to see that literacy is fun,” she added. “Reading opens a whole new world to you and it’s much better than screen time in my opinion.”

The fun isn’t over yet for Idaho Family Reading week as the Tensed – DeSmet Library plans to host activities this weekend.

There will be family crafts and games from 10:30 a.m. to noon, Saturday, November 20.

For more information call the Tensed – DeSmet Library at 208-274-2922.

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