Time really does fly.

It has already been 10 years since the last U.S. Census, and area residents have an opportunity to work for the U.S. Census Bureau.

The bureau is ramping up its recruiting efforts nationally as it seeks to hire up to 500,000 temporary census takers throughout the U.S.

The opportunity will be part time and in Benewah County applicants can make up to $16 a hour.

At the time of this report, Benewah County has fulfilled about 86 percent of it's hiring goal. The county is still seeking applicants through the end of January.

Those who get a job with the U.S. Census Bureau will have access to flexible hours, paid training and employees will get paid on a weekly basis.

The U.S. Census website says that those over the age of 18 can apply and the job is perfect for recent high school graduates, retires, military spouses, seasonal workers, and bilingual applicants.

Selections for the positions will be made in January with training occurring in March and April.

Most positions will require employees to work between the months of May and early July.

The U.S. Constitution mandates that a census of the population be taken every 10 years. The statistics taken from the census are used to determine the amount seats each state holds in the House of Representatives.

The info will also inform how state, local and federal lawmakers will distribute billions of dollars in federal funds to local communities for the next 10 years.

Those who want to apply for a Census job can apply by visiting 2020census.gov. After the application process, applicants may be contacted by a member of the Census Bureau for additional information or to conduct a job interview.

For more information call the U.S. Census Bureau regional office at 1-800-992-3530.

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