Idaho residents will have to have proof of insurance to register their vehicles starting Jan. 1.

According to a press release from the Idaho Department of Transportation, recent changes in Idaho law mean the agency will suspend registration for any vehicle that doesn’t show proof of liability insurance after three months. Idaho law requires the agency to start comparing information from registration records with an online verification system to ensure that registered vehicles have insurance for liability.

After Jan. 1, 2020, if records show that a vehicle does not have liability insurance for a period of three months or more, that registration will be suspended.

ITD recommends drivers contact their insurance provider to determine whether their proof of insurance has been uploaded to the online insurance verification system, if it is not already. Most major insurers, including Allstate, FarmBureau Insurance of Idaho, GEICO and others already provide proof of insurance for their customers to the database.

If proof is received by the department prior to the law taking effect, it will be indicated in the vehicle’s registration record. If a vehicle is exempt or falls under an exception to this law, that exemption must also be reported.

If proof of insurance is not received, the agency will send a warning by mail 30 days prior to registration suspension. If suspended, registration can be reinstated once the owner provides proof of insurance and a $75 suspension fee per vehicle.

To provide proof of financial responsibility or exemption, send it to ITD by mail, email or fax. Detailed information and links to forms and frequently asked questions, visit and select the “drive insured” icon. If you require more information or assistance, contact ITD at 208-334-8075.

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