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Harry Voves and Bonnie Voves will offer GriefShare and DivorceCare courses in February to help area residents who are struggling with a life change.

A local couple wants to help provide a path for those who are facing hardship in the community.

Harry and Bonnie Voves plan to run side by side courses helping those who are struggling after a divorce or the loss of a loved one. Mr. Voves will lead the GriefShare course and Mrs. Voves will cover the DivorceCare courses.

Mr. Voves said there are not many options for those going through a life change. He said that their goal is to get people on the right path during hard times.

“We see so many people have nowhere to go to deal with a divorce or the loss of a husband or wife,” Mr. Voves said. “We see the issue of a lot of people turning to bad habits like drinking or drugs. We want to get people on the right path.”

The Voves said that they were inspired to lead the courses after struggling with loss themselves. The pair met at the Plummer Community Church after Mr. Voves had recently lost his wife and Mrs. Voves had been going through a divorce. They said that they connected and were able to cope together.

“We want to help those who are on their path with the Lord or to help those who are building that foundation,” Mrs. Voves said.

They said that they were called to lead the courses after Mr. Voves received a perfectly-timed text message from a mentor at the church.

“We had been through part of the courses before and we had just been at home discussing that we wanted to go back and finish the entire course,” Mr. Voves. “Not even two minutes after talking about it I went and checked my cell phone and I had a text message from our mentor at church asking if we wanted to lead the courses.”

Mrs. Voves said that the GriefShare and DivorceCare courses will each be 13 week programs and the two courses will run side by side. The DivorceCare classes are for women only while the GriefShare classes are co-ed.

The courses will be free but those who attend are recommended to purchase a workbook that goes along with the courses for $20.

The first class will be from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Thursday, February 25 at the Plummer Community Church.

Those with questions are asked to call 208-765-8722 or visit and

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