New EMTs

Amber Warren (left) and Molly Cochran are the newest volunteer emergency medical technicians to join St. Maries Emergency Medical Services.

St. Maries Emergency Medical Services welcomed two new Emergency Medical Technicians.

Volunteering for the St. Maries ambulance service is the first time either Amber Warren or Molly Cochran will work as EMTs.

The two recently passed the NREMT after completing their training through St. Maries Ambulance.

“It was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be—there is a lot more to it than just picking people up and taking them to the hospital,” Ms. Warren said of the course.

For Ms. Warren, the volunteer role is an extension of her other role as a certified nurse assistant. She works on an as-needed basis for Valley Vista Care and in the emergency department at Benewah Community Hospital.

Ms. Warren became interested in EMT work after surviving a motor vehicle accident in which she fractured her spine.

“I needed there help and now I want to be able to help others,” Ms. Warren said.

Ms. Cochran works part-time as a detention deputy for the Benewah County Sheriff Department. Previously she worked for the Grub Box and as a commercial truck driver.

“It’s something I’ve always been fascinated with and after I drove truck for fifteen years wanted something different,” Ms. Cochran said. “It’s another way I can help people.”

Ms. Warren and Ms. Cochran will also work as administrative assistants for the ambulance service.

“It’s the EMT aspect that drew me, but the administrative aspect gives me more insight into how it is all done,” Ms. Warren said.

Both women said they look forward to serving the community.

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