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Rachael Johnson will present a Constitutional Forum at the St. Maries Public Library in March. She's seen here holding the text book that attendees will work out of titled "The 5,000 Year Leap." The forum will be open to the public.

Rachael Johnson wants to keep the community informed on their constitutional rights.

Ms. Johnson will host a seminar at the St. Maries Public Library that will outline the purpose and contents of the Constitution of the United States.

She said that she had felt compelled to give the course after going through it herself. Ms. Johnson said that she wants to do her part in the community by helping to inform others.

“I took the course as well and afterwards I was looking for something to do for our community,” Ms. Johnson said. “I’m hoping to get some of the junior high kids to come to it too.”

Ms. Johnson said that the lesson will review history around the writing of the constitution as well some information about the Founding Fathers. The forum will also discuss previous documents that inspired the writing of the Constitution. She also said that the class will feature a video presentation and time for those who attend to discuss the lesson.

She said that she hopes to get some life-long area patriots to attend to add in their thoughts on the document as well.

“A lot of people participate and there are open discussions,” Ms. Johnson said. “I hope some of the experienced older crowd comes out to give their input.”

Ms. Johnson also said that providing the class will give community members a chance to learn more about how to preserve the rights given to them, and how to protect those rights from future administrations that may try to violate what’s written in the Constitution.

“I want to help the community have more informed citizens who are aware of their rights,” Ms. Johnson. “You look at all the censorship today and its something people need to be more informed about.”

Those who wish to attend the event must RSVP by calling the St. Maries Public Library at 208-245-3732 or call Ms. Johnson at 208-245-3835. The Skousens Constitutional 101 forum will be Friday, March 5, at noon.

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