A Plummer man involved in a 2018 shooting pleaded not guilty to felony possession of a firearm, setting the case for a trial.

The man, Randal Doyle, was arrested in November 2018 after shooting neighbor Colton Schell during an altercation. He was initially charged with aggravated battery; charges were dropped June 17 after the case against him was ruled too weak to continue, but the felony possession charge remained.

Doyle and his attorney have held that the November shooting was a case of self-defense against Schell, whom Doyle said was the aggressor in the incident. Both he and Schell said that a fight broke out over Schell firing a rifle near Doyle’s home.

However, their stories vary wildly after this point. Schell claimed Doyle shot him with a .357 magnum during that fight; Doyle, however, claimed that he broke off the fight and returned to his home, where Schell pursued him and attempted to gain entry, prompting him to shoot Schell in self-defense.

However, Doyle is a convicted felon, having been found guilty on a drug trafficking charge in 2002. Because of this, he is not legally permitted to possess firearms. He admitted at the time of his arrest that he had borrowed the weapon from his grandfather, Mel Doyle, for personal defense. He claimed Schell had made prior threats against him, including stating Doyle would suffer a “hunting accident.”

Doyle pleaded not guilty in court Aug. 9, setting the case for a trial in the near future. The maximum penalty for felon in possession of a firearm is five years in prison and up to $5,000 in fines. He has been granted release and has since returned to his residence in Plummer. Schell no longer resides in Benewah County.

In other court news:

• Loran Derry was remanded to a rider program after violating his probation by consuming drugs. He will serve at least six months in state prison while participating in drug-related programs.

• Jeremy Duke self-terminated his enrollment in drug court for mental health reasons. As recommended by both his attorney and the prosecutor, he was re-instated on supervised probation for a period of two years.

• Jason Pearson admitted to violating probation multiple times by consuming alcohol and marijuana several times since March 2019. He was returned to probation on condition that he continue to seek treatment at a Coeur d’Alene facility.

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