The impeachment inquiry has been sending waves throughout the United States political sphere.

The hearings have created controversy and unrest between Democrats, Republicans, and citizens throughout the country.

Talks of an impeachment inquiry started in September, and since then the public has shown differing opinions on whether President Trump has committed an impeachable offense.

We asked citizens of Benewah County to weigh in on the impeachment inquiry and comment what they think of the hearings.

Dean Shick, a resident of Santa, suggests that there is not enough evidence against President Trump for impeachment to be considered.

“I’m against it, after what’s been said it sounds like he’s innocent,” Mr. Shick said. “I want them to take it to the Senate and call in Adam Schiff and a few others and catch them in their lies.”

Mr. Shick then joked about his personal political affiliation.

“I don’t want to say I’m far right but my cars don’t even turn left,” Mr. Shick said.

Peggy Nelson, a resident of Fernwood, also said that a lack of evidence makes her skeptical about the purpose of the inquiry.

“I’m totally against the impeachment inquiry,” Ms. Nelson said. “I just don’t see the evidence that he did anything wrong. I would rather like to see the people get together and focus towards uniting our country so we can focus on the larger issues we face.”

Cindy Ford of Emida, commented that the impeachment inquiry seems to be a desperate move by the Democrats to get President Trump out of office before the 2020 election.

“I’m not for it, I think it is all a waste of time, he didn’t do it,” Ms. Ford said. “I think it’s the Democrats desperate attempt to get Trump out of office because they know that they can’t win the 2020 election.”

Kim Overacker, a resident in rural Benewah County, said that she thinks the entire impeachment inquiry has been a diversion from real issues.

“First of all I’m against the impeachment inquiry,” Ms. Overacker said. “I think that the Democrats are out looking for something to get him (President Trump) with and all of it is a diversion from what’s really going on in the country.”

Another resident, Betty Bramblett of St. Maries, said that the the process is costing American citizens more than just their conscience.

“It’s a waste of our tax payer dollars,” Ms. Bramblett said. “I’m against the whole thing. I think we work too hard for our money and it’s being wasted.”

Fernwood resident Serenity Gustin also says that the impeachment inquiry is a waste of time and tax dollars.

“The government is just wasting money,” Ms. Gustin said. “That’s all I have to say about that.”

St. Maries resident Margie Bentcik said that President Trump has been getting attacked since he first took office. She said that she thinks this is just another witch hunt put on by the Democrats.

“I think the whole thing stinks,” Ms. Bentcik said. “Trump has been railroaded since he got into office. I think that he has done more than any president I can remember. At least he tells you what he’s going to do for our country. I think the Democrats have spent all their time and energy on finding things to pin on Trump, and they don’t have much to say for themselves except for robbing people of their hard earned money.”

Ms. Bentcik said that though she supports President Trump, she thinks he could better represent himself to the American public.

“He could be a little more humble,” Ms. Bentcik said, “but he is doing his job.”

Another St. Maries resident, Ryan Huddleston, said that he disagrees that people think there is no evidence that he did anything illegal, but isn’t sure if impeachment is the way to rid the Oval Office of President Trump.

“From the info we have it’s clear he did some illegal activity,” Mr. Huddleston said. “Whether or not he gets impeached is really up in the air. I think the inquiry is good for the public information it puts out, but being so close to an election we should allow the people to decided whether he should be reelected or not.”

St. Maries resident Marge Gannon said that she suspects that President Trump did do something wrong, but thinks that it is likely that he will not be impeached.

“I’m a Democrat and I do believe that after all the testimonials were given that he was trying to get the Ukrainians to do something for him to benefit him politically,” Ms. Gannon said. “As much as it makes for good television I don’t think that the impeachment will go anywhere, I don’t think a majority of Republicans will suddenly agree to vote for impeachment. I think that Democrats need to think about the upcoming elections because the impeachment inquiry is taking their eye off the ball. If they want to get Trump out of office, they will need to beat him in the election.”

She added that she thinks that the inquiry is taking the focus away from larger issues in the United States and around the world.

“The whole thing gets the average person’s mind off of the big picture,” Ms. Gannon said. “Addressing those things are not going to happen if we are too divided.”

Another St. Maries resident, Rayna Farrell, thinks that President Trump did commit an impeachable offense and should face the consequences.

“It’s a pretty delicate subject. I do believe that he is guilty of abusing his power,” Ms. Farrell said. “I believe that he crossed a line and that he was holding up funds for the Ukrainians for his own benefit. Congress has a right to investigate him. He held up money from a allied country that needs help and that’s at war with Russia. That’s exactly what (Vladimir) Putin wants. It makes the world less safe.”

Additionally, after numerous phone calls, this reporter found that a large majority of those who responded but did not want to be quoted, and wished to remain anonymous, admitted that they didn’t know enough about the impeachment inquiry to have an opinion.

Other responders, who wished not to comment or give their name, also admitted to not caring about the impeachment inquiry at all and said that they couldn’t care less about the outcome.

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