Colorado man hired as district fire chief

Lance Homann of Evans Colorado was selected to be the next Fire Chief at the St. Maries Fire Protection District. He will take the helm at the local fire department January 2021.

Lance Homann of Evans, Colorado was named the St. Maries Fire Protection District’s new fire chief by district commissioners this week.

Mr. Homann will be leaving his 31 year position at the Evans Fire Protection District to lead the local fire department in St. Maries.

He said that he was excited upon hearing the news that he had been selected for the job and that he had been eyeing the possibility of moving to the area since 2018.

“I checked out the area previously in 2018 when I rode my motorcycle to the Coeur d’Alene area,” Mr. Homann said. “I’ve been looking for a chief position in the area and St. Maries looked like it would be a good fit.”

He said that he looks forward to getting acquainted with the local department and doing what he can to carry out the procedures and systems the SMFPD has in place.

“I’m excited to get my feet wet and learn the systems and ways that the local fire department operates,” Mr. Homann said. “I would like to keep working on things like recruiting and maintaining volunteers.”

Mr. Homann also said that he wants to continue the fire department’s efforts to educate youth on what fire fighters do.

“If COVID ever goes away, I would like to do more with the department’s education program by going to local schools and teaching kids more about what we do,” Mr. Homann said.

Mr. Homann has extensive experience working with the public from taking roles with his local fire department and EMS teams to serving as a city council member for the city of Evans.

He has additional experience working as an Incident Command officer of structure firefighting during multiple events, paramedic and emergency rescue, a training officer, a Supervisory and Administrative Captain,an Incident Commander during a natural disaster flood event, fire prevention and wild land fire services for a suburban fire department.

He is also currently in the Executive Fire Officer Program offered by the National Fire Academy and is certified in a number of other skills including instruction and fire inspection.

Mr. Homann will officially take the helm as fire chief January 4, 2021.

For more information contact the SMFPD at 208-245-5253.

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