Retreats planned for First Responders at Shiloh Ranch

The new owners of Shiloh Ranch are turning the area into a location for Protector's Peak retreats for first responders. The owners have been doing renovations at the site in preparation for their first retreat in September. Pictured left to right: Nate Harder, Becky Harder and Erica Lindahl.

The Shiloh Ranch has new lease owners who plan to continue the ranch’s legacy.

Nate Harder and his wife Becky started their lease of the ranch on August 1, and they plan to use the grounds as the new site for the retreat program that the two founded in 2018, Protector’s Peak.

Mr. Harder said that he and his wife had wanted to find land to start hosting retreats for first responders in the area. They came across Shiloh Ranch after researching the previous co-owner, Barbara Lovett.

“We looked at the property and it was everything we ever wanted,” Mr. Harder said. “We researched Barbara’s work, and wanted to continue the legacy of Shiloh Ranch.”

Mr. Harder is a longtime police officer and even served on the Spokane police force. He said that his experience in the public sector has shown him the hardships a lot of first responders face in the field.

He said that with the guidance from God, he and his wife were able to act upon their vision to offer a retreat to those who serve the public and don’t receive many opportunities to recharge.

“I’ve had my own struggles serving in the police force,” Mr. Harder said. “There is little to nothing for first responders to get the counseling and guidance they need.”

He said that he wants to provide the service more than once a year to those who need it.

“No one is doing more than a once a year ministry,” Mr. Harder said. “Our goal is to do at least four retreats a month once we get going full time.”

“The goal is to do as many as we can without burning out,” Mr. Harder said.

The retreat is geared towards police, paramedics, firefighters, military, missionaries and pastors. The retreats are meant to offer an environment of camaraderie and fellowship with speakers of faith being invited to the retreats to help address the problems that many of these public workers face.

Protector’s Peak has four other board members who have helped with putting together the retreat program. The board members are Kurt Bramer, John Stanger, David Lindahl and Kootenai County native, Richard Abbey.

Mr. Harder said that he and some other board members and volunteers have already started work renovating some of Shiloh Ranch in order to get it ready for retreats they are planning for the rest of this year.

Mr. Harder said that he has already generated a lot of interest in the retreats and that he plans to host the first one in the middle of September.

Those interested in attending one of the retreats can find out more by visiting their website at or by emailing

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We (the Lovett's) are delighted that Nate and his wife will be starting this ministry at Shiloh. In this present world and all that is going on with police, first responders, etc. it is so needed. The timing is perfect. I hope that Nate and his wife, Becky will have the same wonderful experiences that we had living in this community, Thank you St. Maries for all the years you supported us when we were at Shiloh.

Norm and Barb Lovett

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