Chase Beckner earned more than $1,000 – surpassing that mark by $18 – to top the list for the final tally on earnings in the 2019 Gazette Record subscription campaign.

The 17 Junior Salesman earned a total of $5,255 in the five week sales drive with five of those youngsters earning more than $500.

“It was another successful campaign thanks to the efforts of some local youngsters who aren’t afraid of hard work,” Dan Hammes, publisher, said.

Sage Moore barely missed breaking the $1,000 in earnings mark. She pocketed a total of $924 in commissions and bonuses. Salesmen are paid a commission for every subscription they sell and earn bonuses, that grow along with their sales.

Kelby and Rylen Harves ($559), William and Jaret Dittman ($523) and Cody Loe ($501) complete the list of salesmen who earned more than $500.

Four other salesmen collected more than $200 in commissions and bonuses.

“We certainly appreciate all the support our subscribers give the Junior Salesmen every year and we want to thank all the youngsters who participated and worked hard to earn their paychecks,” Mr. Hammes said.

Salesmen and their earnings are:

Chase Beckner $1,018

Sage Moore $924

Kelby & Rylen Harvey $559

William & Jared Dittman $523

Cody Loe $501

Nisha Banjao $296

Turstin, Millie, Travis Reid $234

Erin Hanson $202

Grant Mills $200

Jamie Mueller $158

Rozilyn Lockard $132

Jainyn Bergland $124

Dylan Mourning $118

Benjamin, Lucas Dionne $90

JoJane Barta $86

Harlen Goin $66

Harper Riddle $24

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