Fundraiser nears its goal

The Fernwood Mercantile offered a chance to win a $200 shopping spree to one lucky winners. Shoppers could be entered into the raffle by either donating $5 cash or $5 worth of dry goods at check out. 

The cutoff for entering was Dec. 10, and the Merc will be announcing the winner on social media. Pictured, left to right, Debby Powell from the UpRiver Food Bank, Fernwood Merc cashier Ellen Davenport and Fernwood Merc own Kelli Beauchman. 

Donating to a good cause could mean winning big.

The Fernwood Mercantile asked residents to donate cash or dry goods at check-out to get entered into a raffle for a chance to win a $200 shopping spree.

This year marked the fourth year that the store partnered with the local food bank to raise funds and collect donations.

For every $5 in cash or food value a resident donated, they received one ticket in the drawing.

“This is really helpful for our food bank,” food bank representative Debby Powell said. “It is one of our biggest fundraisers for the year.”

Kelli Beauchman, the owner of the Fernwood Mercantile, said that they are only a few dollars shy of their $1000 goal. She said that she and her team have noticed a steady increase of participation since their first fundraiser in 2016.

She said that this has been one of the more successful years they have had so far, which she thinks is a result of the prize being a $200 shopping spree at the mercantile.

“We have had amazing community feedback,” Ms. Beauchman said. “We have a fabulous community that is small and close knit. For us to come close to that $1000 goal speaks volumes about our customers and the town.”

Ms. Beauchman said that they have even received donations from out of state individuals.

“We've had people send money from South Dakota, even a person from Florida sent money,” Ms. Beauchman said.

“We've even had people from Moscow even want to get in on the raffle, mainly truckers who come through Fernwood and want to support the community,” Ms Powell added.

Ms. Beauchman said that the store is usually busier during hunting season and that the higher traffic volume may have contributed to the increase in donations as well.

Residents could be entered into the drawing through Dec. 10, and Mrs. Beauchman said that they will be announcing the winner of the shopping spree on its social media page.

For more information or to learn how you can donate call the Fernwood Mercantile at 208-245-2098.

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