The after school program at Heyburn Elementary is starting to take off as it enters its second month of operation.

The program has so far shown to be a useful tool for giving students an opportunity to learn new things as well as get caught up on school work.

Organizer Kelly Feasline says the program has been able to garner interest from those invovled in the community. Each week Feasline has been able to get at least one guest speaker to visit the students during the program.

She said there has been people from PotlatchDeltic who have visited to talk about various topics with the students as well as other community members who have visited to talk about survival skills and safety.

The students have also been treated to demonstrations by Northwest Birds of Prey and karate teacher Glenda Thie.

“We’ve had a lot of people volunteer already and come in to do short demonstrations,” Feasline said. “My goal is to get someone to come in and talk to the kids at least once a week.”

At the time of this report, Feasline said that there is around 50 students registered in the program and a waiting list has been created.

“We are about where we aimed to be at when we were first planning the program,” she said.

The program has also proven to be a job opportunity for high school students who are seeking experience working in a school setting with young children. So far the district has hired four students to help Feasline facilitate activities and work with the students on homework.

PotlatchDeltic has also stepped in to support the program and has provided materials and goodies to the students in the porgram.

Feasline said each month will have a theme with November’s theme being ‘thankful.’ Those who write their thank you letters this month will receive one of the goodies from PotlatchDeltic which is a water bottle.

For more information on the after school program contact the Heyburn Elementary at 208-245-2025.

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