Renovations at Valley Vista near completion

Valley Vista Care Director of Corporate Compliance Kacey Borgman (left) and Valley Vista Care CEO Chuck Lloyd (right) stand in a nearly finished portion of the renovation project that crews started on last summer. Mr. Lloyd said that the crews expect the project to be completed by July and a Grand Opening ceremony is slated for August.

The new additions at Valley Vista Care are almost finished, and CEO Chuck Lloyd said that they are excited to celebrate its completion.

Mr. Lloyd said that construction crews are about 80 percent done with the project and that all of the exterior work on the two additions has been completed.

He said that crews are at work on finishing up interior projects such as installing flooring and painting. Mr. Lloyd said that the construction crews expect to be finished with the project by July.

“Things have been going well for the project, we haven’t hit any major issues,” Mr. Lloyd said. “Our engineers have been great, it’s been a pretty seamless process. It’s been pretty smooth. There have been no large issues like water breaks or loss of power.”

He said that the only issues the construction crews have faced have been shortages of materials due to manufacturing plants being shutdown or temporarily out of commission due to the coronavirus.

“It would have been much quicker if it wasn’t for the delays,” Mr. Lloyd said.

Mr. Lloyd said that Valley Vista plans to have a grand opening celebration towards the end of the summer. He said a large part of the celebration will be to honor the Idaho Elk’s Rehab Foundation.

“Valley Vista was one of the first organizations to get to the $500,000 Elks Rehab grant,” Mr. Lloyd said. “The Elks Rehab group will come up for the grand opening, it’ll be a big grand opening. We are thinking the event will be in August.”

The renovations began last summer and will include an extended physical therapy center and dining area.

The project will also add 10 private residence rooms, a new tub and shower room, a new commercial kitchen and an updated utility infrastructure and an upgraded laundry facility.

Crew have also expanded the employee break room.

Ginno construction has been the contractor on the $2.5 million project with Mike LaPlante working as the board’s construction consultant.

For more information call Valley Vista Care at 208-245-4576.

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