Raffle offers various prizes at Plummer Library

The Plummer Library Friends are hosting a month-long raffle at the Plummer Library with proceeds going towards funding various needs at the library. Pictured left to right: President Carol Krahenbuhl, Secretary Lucy Cash, and Treasurer Dean Hutchinson.

Residents around the county have a chance to win a variety of prizes this month thanks to the Plummer Library Friends.

Raffle items have been set up throughout the library for visitors to see. Many of the items range from themed baskets to art and jewelry.

Proceeds from the month-long raffle will go towards promoting literacy at the Plummer Public Library.

Funds generated also go into a fund that the Library Friends have put together to purchase items the library needs as things come up.

Library Friends President, Carol Krahenbuhl, said that multiple businesses and community members from around the WestSide have come together to donate items for the raffle.

Umpqua Bank, Marimn Health, local artists, community members, the library and more have all pitched in to the raffle. Gift cards have also been donated from local restaurants including the Conklin Marina, Gateway Cafe and Zip’s. So far there are over 30 items that residents can try to win.

Ms. Krahenbuhl said that this is the first time that the Library Friends have done this large of a raffle and its mainly due to limitations surrounding the coronavirus.

“We’ve always had book sales in the fall and spring for our fundraising,” Ms. Krahenbuhl said. “But since you cant have close contact these days we thought this wouldn’t be the year to do that.”

She said that so far the library has already sold more than 50 tickets since the beginning of the month. Mr. Krahenbuhl said that hopefully the more publicity the raffle gets, the more likely they will hit their fundraising goals.

“We already sold 50 tickets right at the beginning of the month so we are thrilled with the response so far,” Ms. Krahenbuhl said. “We just hope to get the word out so that more people come through to see what prizes they can win.”

Tickets can be purchased at the Plummer Library or at Native Touch Salon. Tickets are $1 each and participants can purchase as many as they want.

Ticket buckets are set up in the main entrance of the Plummer Library with numbers written on them that correspond with each prize up for grabs.

Winners will be drawn on Saturday, October 31, at 1:00 p.m.

For more information, contact the Plummer Public Library at 208-686-1812.

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