GNet, a St. Maries internet service provider, has been purchased by Intermax Networks of Coeur d’Alene.

GNet was owned by Dan and Cindy Hammes, who also own the Gazette Record. The purchase does not affect the newspaper operations. The internet business will remain in its same location with the newspaper.

“We’ve worked with Intermax for several years and have always been impressed with both their service and their business practices,” Mr. Hammes said. “We’re seeing a lot of changes in the business and this seems like a good time to make the change.”

Intermax Networks has been in business for almost 20 years. With the purchase of GNet they now offer service from St. Maries to the Canadian border. In addition to internet access, Intermax offers phone service and IT security.

“Other than starting to get your monthly bill from Intermax instead of GNet, you won’t see much change to your day-to-day internet service. Over time we intend to continue to upgrade, improve, and expand upon the existing GNet network so that we can provide more service to more people in Benewah County with the fastest speeds and most reliable network,” Mike Kennedy, president of Intermax, said.

Jeremy Kekahuna and Rob Bliss, longtime employees at GNet, will continue with Intermax.

“We always worked hard to provide the best service possible with fast response times,” Mr. Hammes said. “Our growth over the years shows that Jeremy and Rob provided great service. We know that will continue with Intermax.”

The Hammeses began offering internet service as part their newspaper business in 2000. They started by offering dial-up service but as technology advanced they added much faster fixed wireless service. Over the years they expanded their network and coverage.

“It’s been an interesting and challenging business, which will see some major changes in the coming years,” Mr. Hammes said. “Intermax not only offers a commitment to support our customers but they offer the scale and size to bring the service they want.”

To contact Intermax call 208-762-8065 or stop by the Gazette Record office at 610 Main in St. Maries.

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My colleagues and I at Intermax are incredibly excited and honored to now be serving our neighbors in St Maries and Benewah County. Dan and Cindy Hammes and their team have built a great business and we will work every day to ensure that Gnet customers continue to get the best internet possible - and we'll upgrade and improve where we can. Call me at my desk any time. 208-415-1772 Mike Kennedy, President, Intermax Networks

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