Spend your money on a good cause at the St. Mary’s Catholic Ladies Bazaar and Luncheon, Friday.

The Catholic Ladies group invites residents to come for a fun and fellowship filled shopping and dining experience.

“This is an event where we all get to come together as a faith community,” event coordinator Nancy Turner said.

Another church member who helps with the event, Judy Zook, says that they expect the event to be as successful as it has been in past installations.

“We are blessed every year,” Ms. Zook said. “This event has always been popular.”

Ms. Zook said that money made from the event goes towards a variety of local causes.

“A lot of the funds go towards the Elks Christmas Baskets and the local food bank,” Ms. Turner added. “We also donate some money to a group that may not be very well known called the St. Maries Eye Glass Fund.”

Attendees can expect to enjoy a handful of festivities including a luncheon, raffle, and the chance to shop new and lightly used goods.

Ms. Zook said there will be no outside vendors, but instead the items for sale will either be gently used or new items that have been donated to the church. There will be baked goods for sale along with a Christmas room and treasure boutique gift shop.

Lunch will be served from 11 a.m to 1:30 p.m and will consist of homemade soup and salad. The meal costs $7 per person.

The raffle will start at 1:30 p.m where attendees will have a chance to win some hot prizes. Ms. Turner added that this year they will raffle off $500 cash.

“The fun thing to win will be the ($500) cash,” Ms. Turner said.

The Catholic Ladies' Annual Bazaar and luncheon will be on Nov. 8 at the Benedictine Hall, 239 S. 10th Street.

For more information call the Benedictine Hall at 208-245-4652.

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