The show must go on - with changes: DYW Saturday

St. Maries Distinguished Young Women contestants are (front, from left) Cassidy Suchoski, Jayden Martin, (back) Darcie Peel, Lexi Appell, Daniella Dockery and Gabrial Harold.

The St. Maries Distinguished Young Women program is back on for Saturday June 13, but the event will not be open to the public.

Instead the DYW chairman, Kristi Wear, said that this will be an invitation only event due to the limited gathering limit imposed by coronavirus restrictions.

“We will not be selling tickets this year,” Ms. Wear said. “The girls tickets for their families are free, we are just making it happen for the girls this year.”

“The girls get X amount of tickets and that will be it,” Ms. Wear said.

Ms. Wear said that the time and location of the event will only be revealed to those who are invited due to safety concerns. Those details will be included on the invitations given the to family and friends of this year’s performers.

“You know how it goes, people who always buy a ticket at the door at past events will want to, even though its invite only,” Ms. Wear said. “Unfortunately we can’t do that this year.”

“We are very fortunate that they get to even have immediate family come,” Ms. Wear said.

The talents of six junior girls will be showcased this year and the program will award $6,250 in scholarships.

The event will not be streamed live on any social media outlets but it will be recorded and be given to the girls involved in the program.

Windy Sotin with DYW said that the girls in the program have been on a time crunch as they just resumed practices at the beginning of June.

“We didn’t get to practice at all,” Ms Sotin said. “We started up again just this last week.”

“We were happy to have such a small turn out this year because of all we’ve had to go through with the program this year,” Ms. Sotin said.

This years participants include Daniella Dockery, Lexi Appell, Jayden Martin, Gabrial Harold, Darcie Peel and Cassidy Suchoski.

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