The city of St. Maries plans to dive into work on the city pool in the next few months.

Mayor Tom Carver recently reported that the city of St. Maries seeks to make upgrades to the pool that will make the public accommodation more efficient.

One of the upgrades being the replacement of the water heater. He said that the city plans to use grant funding from the Idaho Community Block Grant to make the improvements. The current heater is not as efficient as the one they seek to purchase.

“It’s getting old,” Mayor Carver said. “It costs a lot to heat the pool with what we have.”

Mayor Carver also said that the city seeks to use funds from a $500,000 grant to do work on the pool’s drainage system.

The infiltration/inflow (I/I) project will make the drainage system more sustainable. Mayor Carver said that the current holding tank overflows which causes sewer issues. I/I causes dilution in sanitary sewers. Dilution of sewage decreases the efficiency of treatment, and may cause sewage volumes to exceed design capacity.

He said that the way the current system is set up makes it use more energy by treating water that overflows from the pool’s storage tank.

Water that overflows from the storage tank will be released into the sewer system, causing the system to have to process water that does not need to be treated.

“The pool is a public necessity,” Mr. Carver said. “We want to make it more efficient and sustainable as possible. We are required to clean 85 percent of the contaminates before treatment, the more I/I the harder it is to get to that percentage.”

He said that the upgrades will not only help to save water but also save tax payer dollars.

“Every gallon of water we can eliminate from going into the sewer system will save the city and the tax-payers a lot of money,” Mayor Carver said.

For more information on city projects, contact city hall at 208-245-2577.

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