The drowned body of a Kalispell man was discovered in Benewah Lake Saturday, Aug. 22, 2020.

Benewah County Sheriff Dave Resser and three deputies responded to a call from people fishing in the area where they discovered the deceased, Adam J. Gluth, 32, of Kalispell, MT.

“On Saturday we got a call from some people that were fishing in Lake Coeur d’Alene and they found a body that was submerged underwater,” Sheriff Resser said.

Mr. Gluth was identified based on nearby personal belongings.

“When we got there, we found on the bank of the lake, a towel that had been placed out on the beach, and next to the towel were the clothes of the individual, including a wallet and personal items,” Sheriff Resser said.

According to the sheriff, Mr. Gluth is believed to have drowned sometime Friday, Aug. 23. The death is believed to be accidental.

“Neither foul play or suicide are suspected. What we do know, because we have been in contact with his family, is that he did not know how to swim and was trying to learn,” Sheriff Resser said. “We think he went down to a secluded spot to practice swimming. And for some reason, whether he got tangled in seaweed or something else, we don’t know.”

There are species of underwater vines growing throughout the lake but it is uncertain if an entanglement led to Mr. Gluth’s drowning.

“There’s milfoil and what I call water-grass, both are invasive species and are encroaching on the lake big time but there was nothing that I could ascertain that would cause him to get tangled up or anything else,” Sheriff Resser said.

Mr. Gluth was swimming in an area where help would likely be unavailable. Sheriff Resser said he was swimming in a secluded area, near the west end of the trestle, where the St. Joe River enters Benewah Lake.

“To get down to the lake from where he was parked is a real hassle because it’s steep. It’s very un-solid footing underneath,” Sheriff Resser said. “The only thing I can surmise is he wanted to practice swimming without anyone seeing him.”

“Just a very unfortunate accident,” Sheriff Resser said.

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He was a friend of mine, as I was reading I noticed it says aug 23 ( Friday ). To the best of my knowledge the 23 was a Sunday. I’m assuming it was a typo

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