Remodeling in Tensed

The Tensed library had its interior remodeled during the lock-downs earlier this year. Pictured left to right: Head librarian Karen Owen and library assistant Janet Hartsock.

The lock-downs that came earlier this year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic produced a positive situation, just ask the Tensed Library.

The local library took advantage of the lock downs that occurred in late March and early April by using the free time to give the library a facelift.

The library underwent a remodel that included rearranging rooms, and painting and constructing a new bathroom.

Head Librarian Karen Owen said that the library board had originally approved of just the painting part of the project earlier this year. The work was to begin in July, but she said that after the pandemic hit, they decided to take advantage of the downtime.

“The board said that the painting was something that we could do,” Ms. Owen said. “It started out as just the painting but slowly morphed into more.”

Along with a fresh coat of paint, Ms. Owen said that they were able to turn the two bathrooms into one large bathroom that is now wheelchair accessible.

They also swapped the locations of the computer and children’s activity rooms allowing for more space for after school activities and more privacy for computer users.

“Our kids group was getting bigger and having more space allows for our children’s program director, Janet Hartsock, to expand on activities,” Ms. Owen said. “Having the computer room in a smaller and remote space will allow for more privacy.”

Ms. Owen said that she enlisted the help of interior designer and Tensed local, Carole Waller, to help with putting the project together.

She said that the work has paid off as she and staff have received complements from the community.

“We’ve gotten lots of compliments,” Ms. Owen said. “Even if we are small, we care about our patrons.”

For more information on the Tensed Library’s children’s activities and story time call 208-274-2922.

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