The year 2020 was strange for many, but for the Benewah County emergency dispatch it was both strange and familiar.

Below are some of the more memorable calls Benewah County emergency services received this year.

Friday, Jan. 10

11:47 a.m.: A St. Maries business owner said one of his employees was cut by a drug pipe while cleaning it. He said it wasn’t bad enough to require an ambulance, but that the employee went to the hospital to check it out. An arrest for drug paraphernalia was later made.

Sunday, Feb. 2

7:30 p.m.: An out-of-county woman said she wanted to file charges against the government in Idaho and all over. She alleged the government is watching her by satellite.

Monday, March 23

6:57 a.m.: A St. Maries man called to ask dispatch if it would be too much if he called to tell them he was leaving his house every time he left his house. He said his home is broken into every time he leaves. He said he did not want an extra patrol because [police] are ineffective.

Wed, April 1

3:29 p.m.: A woman reported that she stopped to check on the occupant of another vehicle parked in the Carpenter Creek area near Fernwood. She asked the occupant of the other vehicle if they were ok, but the occupant was so drunk he could not even talk. Instead, he just lifted his beer bottle to her.

Tuesday, May 12

9:38 a.m.: A St. Maries man reported his keys missing. He said he last saw them two days ago and believes someone stole them after breaking in through the back door, since he nailed the front door shut. He also reported that he could not find his shirt.

9:57 a.m.: A St. Maries man reported that he found his keys. They were on a chair under a hat. No update on the shirt was provided.

Wednesday, June 3

6:29 a.m.: A Santa resident requested the fire department for her cat that was stuck atop a light pole. She was advised that the fire department cannot be dispatched for such an event.

Tuesday, June 23

8:34 p.m.: An extra patrol was requested by a St. Maries business after a man, inquiring about employment, started dancing and allegedly sexually harassing the manager. The man was believed to be intoxicated. He reportedly left the area after being informed he would not be employed at the business.

Sunday, July 26

11:02 a.m.: A Fernwood resident reported that every time she goes outside things are thrown at her. She said she has not seen anyone but said someone could be hiding in the bushes behind her house.

Monday, July 27

11:43 p.m.: A St. Maries resident reported that she may have heard a rifle shot but was not sure from which direction. She suggested a deputy drive around and locate where the sound came from.

Tuesday, Aug. 11

6:59 p.m.: A suspicious circumstance was filed when a man said to be barefoot and wearing only undies was reported as trying to wave over vehicles on State 3, near St. Maries.

Tuesday, Sept. 8

6:14 a.m.: A man riding his bike, from Coeur d’Alene to Moscow, stopped on Highway 95 to pick a up facemask. He said he believed he’d been poisoned from the mask and became very combative on the phone. He said to hurry up because his hand was going numb.

Saturday, October 3

2:44 a.m.: A St. Maries woman requested assistance killing spiders.

Monday, October 12

1:50 p.m.: A St. Maries woman reported that a man claiming to be a Marine started talking to her on social media. He quickly began sending provocative photos and texts and began asking for money, gift cards and access to her bank account and social media. When she refused, she said another man claiming to be the Marine’s drill instructor began ordering her to comply.

Monday, Nov. 9

4:21 p.m.: A St. Maries man reported that someone is accessing his camera via Bluetooth. The man said he wants the FBI to put a wiretap on his camera to find out who is accessing his camera. He told dispatch that he will talk to the FBI and CIA to see if they can help him.

Monday, Dec. 7

11:43 a.m.: A man called to tell dispatch that he believed he was infected with syphilis by a rat that was sent to his St. Joe River property by a relative. He said that the relative made a nasty joke years ago that they would murder him with a rat. He believed that he had contracted syphilis from the rat based on a rash he recently noticed. He added that his grandfather was sent a rat years ago and was also infected…and that he can add two plus two and make it equal five. He planned to alert the FBI and see a doctor for further testing. This rat thing may result in his death, he said.

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