Making designs on Christmas in St. Maries 2020

The St. Maries Chamber of Commerce is taking pre-oders on this year's commemorative t-shirts celebrating Christmas in St. Maries. Pre-order sheets can be found at Shift and Grind, St. Maries Chamber of Commerce and KNHR Printing. Pictured left to right: Shirley Ackerman, Justine Juarez, and Alissa Michael.

Organizers of Christmas in St. Maries put a fun twist on this year’s commemorative shirts.

St. Maries Chamber of Commerce member, Shirley Ackerman, worked together with local graphic designer Justine Juarez and business owner Alissa Michael to put together this year’s shirt design.

The design plays off of the unique and challenging year that citizens of St. Maries have had to face.

The logo features a reindeer tied up in Christmas lights with a toilet paper roll hanging off of one of its antlers, paying homage to earlier this year when toilet paper shortages were news across the country.

Ms. Juarez says the logo incorporates fun into a stressful year that will go down in history books.

“I worked with mainly Shirley (Ackerman) and Alissa (Michael) on the design,” Ms. Juarez said. “Shirley came up with the idea of being playful with the logo relating to this year. We thought why not have a bit of a positive feel and make it cute and fun?”

Ms. Juarez designed last year’s logo and was approached by Ms. Ackerman again this year with the reindeer idea.

“We were having a Christmas in St. Maries meeting and had come with ideas relating to how this year has been a tangled mess,” Ms. Ackerman said.

Ms. Ackerman said that they want to get the word out about the shirts so that enough people are able to pre-order in time to have them by the time of the event.

“We are trying to do pre-orders to make it easier for folks so they can have the shirts for Christmas in St. Maries,” Ms. Ackerman said. “They are comfortable, cute and fitting for our community.”

She said that businesses are already showing their support by buying shirts, noting that Archie’s IGA has already pre-ordered shirts for all of its employees.

Proceeds from the shirts will go towards operating expenses at the Chamber of Commerce. Ms. Ackerman said that due to not being able to host the annual Spring Fling fundraiser, the funds should help in some way or another.

“The funds go to the operating expense of the chamber, we weren’t able to do our annual Spring Fling fundraiser so this is a good way to raise some money for the winter months,” Ms. Ackerman said. “It’s not a big fundraiser, but it is something and plus it gets the word out and it’s cute.”

Forms to pre-order a Christmas in St. Maries shirt can be found at Shift and Grind Coffee as well as the Chamber of Commerce and KNRH printing.

The chamber will move forward with Christmas in St. Maries with extra safety precautions and changes to some activities. The event is slated for Saturday, December 5.

For more information contact the St. Maries Chamber of Commerce at 208-245-3563.

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