A raffle drawing to help a local family will take place Dec. 5, 2020.

The daughter of Jason Reid and Rusti Brandvold was born prematurely, at 7 months and 6 days.

Ms. Brandvold was hospitalized three weeks and six days prior to delivery. Her daughter, Logan JoLeigh Reid was born Aug. 26, 2020, weighing 2lbs. 5 oz.

Logan’s lungs were underdeveloped due to low amniotic fluid and she spent eight weeks on a CPAP machine before she was able to be stepped down to a high flow nasal canula.

Ms. Brandvold and the couple’s two other children, Dylan and Paige Reid, stayed in Washington to be near Logan. Mr. Reid worked full-time and spent his free time cutting firewood to sell to pay for medical expenses, travel, and compensate for time-off when he needed to be at the hospital with his family.

Despite their efforts, the financial burden took its toll.

“I never wanted to be a person who started a GoFundMe or a fundraiser of any type for personal reasons. After an unexpected month in the hospital before, an early delivery, and two months in the NICU (as of Oct. 26) we finally decided it was time to ask for help,” Ms. Brandvold said in an online post. “We are wiped out. Emotionally, physically, and financially.”

Soon after, donations came in and were able to raise approximately $5,000 to help the family.

“Jason and I are so thankful for all of you! Our hearts are so full, and a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders,” Ms. Brandvold said in a follow-up post, Oct. 27.

However, Logan still required additional care and the family continued to have to travel between St. Maries and Spokane.

The good news, last week the entire family was able to return to St. Maries.

“Logan is doing wonderful! We were finally able to bring her home on the sixteenth of this month (November). We spent a total of 82 days in the NICU. Before that I was admitted to Sacred Heart for 24 days,” Ms. Brandvold said.

Because of the pandemic it was the first time the entire family was able to be together.

“It affected everything from my ability to have visitors to Jason and I not being able to be with the baby at the same time. No one else was allowed to be in the NICU to see or meet her. Not even her two siblings. It was all worth it though. She is the sweetest babe,” Ms. Brandvold said.

Ms. Brandvold iterated her family’s gratitude for the community’s support.

“The community has been amazing to us…we are so humbled by the amount of support we received,” she said.

To further assist the family, firewood donated by PotlatchDeltic will be raffled, Dec. 5. Tickets are being sold at Shift and Grind for $5 a ticket or five tickets for $20.

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