Local resident Jody Hendrickx is president-elect of the Idaho School Board Association (ISBA.)

Mr. Hendrickx said that in a year he will officially move up to president of the ISBA. His position serves to represent the interests of school boards across Idaho and present proposals to legislators on education issues.

Mr. Hendrickx said that the role he will take on isn’t much different from what he was previously responsible for vice-president position. He said that he will also be in charge of running the group’s meetings and making sure that members of the ISBA know what’s on the agenda.

He said that it is position where he will need to work together with the rest of the board to tackle things that are on the agenda. He said that no one role can completely make decisions for the entire board.

“It takes the whole board to move forward, not just one person,” Mr. Hendrickx said. “I will be in charge of running the meetings, we get asked for input by the current president, but just like the local school boards, everyone needs to work together to come to decisions. I’m all about team effort so whatever we can do as a group to move forward in the right direction is what I am all about.”

He said that the position will let him get closer to legislators in Boise and that the ISBA works with the state government to get important items regarding education onto the governor’s radar.

“As a whole once you develop a personal relationship with legislators I kind of feel like they are more apt to listen to you,” Mr. Hendrickx said “If we can reach out and have somebody help us then that’s great.”

Mr. Hendrickx also served on Governor Brad Little’s “Our Kids, Idaho’s Future” education task force and attended over seven sub committee meetings to help formulate a five year blue print of improvement and investment into Idaho’s K-12 public education system.

Mr. Hendrickx was originally elected to be vice-president of the ISBA in January of this year. He also serves as a trustee on the St. Maries school board. He said that he will officially move from president-elect to president of the ISBA in Nov. 2020.

Mr. Hendrickx said that he originally got involved with the education system because he was simply a curious bystander who would see issue pop up in the local paper. He said that he just decided to get get involved because he wanted to know more and see where the public money was going.

“It’s easy to have a certain perspective of how things work from the outside looking in,” Mr. Hendrickx said. “Once you get involved you start to understand how things work and that there is a reason for everything people are currently doing on the board.”

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